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Excursion to San Leo

The service has ended and it will start again in June 2019

Bonelli Bus will take you to San Leo, the old town that stands on an imposing rocky outcrop over the Marecchia Valley. It can only be reached along a single road that is carved into the rock. San Leo hosted Dante, Saint Francis of Assisi, and the Count of Cagliostro, who was imprisoned there until his fateful end. Inside the splendid Renaissance fortress you can visit exhibitions of weapons, armour and instruments of torture that were typical of the times.

The fortress can be reached by a shuttle service that costs € 2.00 per person (from the bus stop outside the old town in the area of Quattroventi, while the return trip leaves from Piazza Dante Alighieri). Please pay the bus driver.

Showing our bus ticket at the Fortress ticket counter adults get a discounted entrance fee of 6.00 €, which includes a free guided tour in Italian inside the Fortress, which lasts about an hour and starts at 16:00.

Arrives directly on the Romagna Riviera.
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