Cancellation and Ticket refund

You can cancel your ticket before the time of your booked departure, during office hours in one of the following ways:

  • in person at the Bonelli Bus ticket office where the ticket was purchased
  • by calling (+39) 0541.662069
  • by sending an e-mail to the following address:

Tickets that are cancelled in one of the ways mentioned above entitle you to one of the following refunds:

  • 70% for cancellations that occur at least 24 hours before departure;
  • 50% for cancellations that occur 24 hours before departure.

No refund is granted if cancellations are made after the bus has departed from the terminus.

Refund of part of a trip that has not been used. If you have a return ticket, the amount refunded will be the difference between the total cost of the ticket and the cost of a single fare, less the penalty charge.

Lost, stolen or damaged tickets are NON- refundable.

Requests for refunds on purchased tickets must be sent by e-mail to the following address:

or sent in writing to

BONELLI BUS S.A.S. Via Murano, 54 - 47838 RICCIONE (RN)

Please enclose the original ticket that has been cancelled, and specify the name of the account holder and the IBAN of the Bank Account where the credit is to be sent.

For tickets that have been purchased online by credit card, the refund will only be carried out with the reversal of the transaction, and the amount will be credited to the card.

For further information please consult the Customer Service Charter and the Conditions of Transport or contact the authorised sales points.