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Long haul routes

Rely on our experience and professionalism for your leisure trips, excursions, and business trips. Travel without any worries, forget the stress of driving for hours, we will do it for you in a fast, safe and professional way.

Our vehicles are comfortable and equipped with every facility, and our staff is reliable and always attentive to the needs of our passengers.

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Noleggio bus con autista

Il nostro parco veicoli a noleggio può soddisfare le esigenze di trasposto gran turismo di qualsiasi tipologia, garantendo un servizio sempre sicuro ed efficiente. E' possibile scegliere tra minibus e pullman da 23 a 93 posti oppure auto e minivan da 4 a 7 posti tutti dotati dei migliori servizi per viaggiare nel massimo comfort.

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Local routes

 Bonelli Bus offers a professional and safe local transport service that is entrusted to experienced staff that will get you to your destinations daily, whether you are travelling for work, study or pleasure.

Excursions, parks, cities, villages and places of worship

Are you planning an excursion with friends or family? You can choose from a day at the theme parks or an excursion to the main towns in the countryside of the Marche and Romagna Regions, which are rich in history and traditions.

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